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Printing is a process (or an art) in which an image is reproduced on a surface, such as paper.



There are five general classes of printing processes:

Relief Letterpress and Flexography

Planography Offset lithography, Screenless lithography, Collotype, and Waterless offset

Intaglio Gravure, Steel-die, and Copper-plate engraving

Screen Stencil and Silk-screen

Digital Electro-photography, Magnetography, Ionography, Thermography and Ink-jet

Comparison : Printing Processes

  Offset Gravure Flexography Screen Digital
Impact / Non-impact & Master Impact,Needs an Image Carrier Impact,Needs an Image Carrier Impact,Needs an Image Carrier Impact,Needs an Image Carrier` Non-impact, No need of an Image Carrier
Direct/Indirect Indirect Direct Direct Direct Direct
Application Publication Printing Package Printing Package Printing Stationeries Proof Prints
Run Length High Very High Very High Low Low
Quality Very good quality Good Quality Moderate Quality Low Quality High Quality
Color 4 units, but can have up to 6/7 units Up to 12 units Up to 8 units Max. 2/3 units, print metallic colors best 4 units
Ink Paste Liquid Liquid Paste Powder
Speed High Very High High Very Low Moderate

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